Locating a registered sex offender in the State of Wyoming can be accomplished on the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) website. The below guide will instruct you on how to search for offenders in a specific location (address, zip code, city) and how to search for an offender by name, phone number, or internet name/email. Be sure to use the search portal for informative purposes only; any misuse of the DCI search portal could result in criminal prosecution.

Offenders must register with DCI in accordance with § 7-19-302 of the Wyoming Sex Offender Registration Act. Failure to register may result in up to a one thousand dollar ($1,000) fine, five (5) year imprisonment, or both. 

Laws – § 7-19-301 through § 7-19-309

Step 1 – Access the DCI Search Portal

Access the DCI offender search portal by clicking this link. The subsequent page contains a disclaimer that will inform you of the search portal terms and conditions. Ensure that you have read the disclaimer before proceeding.

If you agree with the offender search portal policies, indicate your understanding by selecting the small checkbox located beside “I agree to the above terms & conditions”. Proceed by clicking Continue.

Here, simply select Click Here To Search For Offenders In Your Area.

Step 2 – Choose Search Type

Use the search menu to specify the type of search you’d like to conduct. The available search options allow you to search for offenders in a specific area or city. Additionally, you can search for offenders by name, phone number, internet name/email address, or for any offender with a non-compliant status.

Step 3 – Search by Area

Select In your area from the search menu and enter an address in the empty fields. Below the fields, specify whether you’d like to search for an offender’s home address, work/volunteer address, or both. Click Search to submit your query.

The offenders who reside in the specified area will be shown on the following page. Select a marker on the map or one of the offender names to be taken to a page containing more descriptive offender information. Alternatively, you can click on the magnifying glass found below “View Details” to carry out the same function.

Step 4 – Search by Name

From the options available in the search menu, click Name and enter the last and first name of an offender. Submit your query by clicking Search.

Your search results will be presented on the subsequent page. Select the offender’s name or the magnifying glass found on the right to review more information on the individual.

Step 5 – Search by City

Click on the City search option and enter the name of a city in the empty field. Proceed by clicking Search.

Here, you will be able to review a summary of the offender(s) residing in the city previously specified. Click on a magnifying glass (found on the right) or on an offender’s name to be taken to a webpage with more information on the offender.

Step 6 – Non-compliant Search

Choose the Non-compliant search option to begin. Next, select Click Here to proceed to a webpage containing a list of all non-compliant offenders.

This list on this page shows the name, address, city, and zip code of all non-compliant offenders. To view more information on any non-compliant offender, select their name or the corresponding magnifying glass found below “View Details.”

Step 7 – Search by Internet Names/Email

Select the Internet Names/Email option from the search menu and enter an internet name or email address in the empty space. Once entered, click Search to proceed.

If there is an offender who is registered under the name/email previously entered, you will be given a message mentioning that you should contact the Wyoming DCI for more information. Otherwise, you will not receive any search results.

Step 8 – Search by Phone Number

If you know the phone number of a registered offender and would like to view their offender information, click on the Phone Number search option and enter the number in the empty field. Click Search after the phone number has been supplied.

Your search results should be limited to that of the single individual who is registered under the phone number previously entered. To find out more information about the offender, select the offender’s name on the left or click on the magnifying glass found on the right.