The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is responsible for handling criminal background checks within the State. Their services allow individuals to voluntarily conduct background checks on themselves and designate a separate individual as the recipient. DCI also permits employers to check the criminal history of any applicant for employment. Regardless of who requests the check, the subject will be required to supply their fingerprints on a standard FBI applicant card and submit it to DCI by mail or in person.

Cost – $15 ($20 if fingerprinted at DCI or a law enforcement agency)

Laws – § 7-19-101 through § 7-19-109

Step 1 – Authorization Form

Requestors who have hired a third-party reporting agency to conduct their background check must be sure to obtain the subject’s consent before commencing the investigation. If you fall into this category, have the individual complete the Background Check Authorization Form to record their approval.

Step 2 – Fingerprints

The subject of the background check will need to have their fingerprints recorded on a standard FBI 8 x 8 BLUE applicant fingerprint card. This card can be obtained at a local Law Enforcement Agency or at the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). Otherwise, you can call DCI at 1 (307) 777-7181 to schedule a fingerprinting appointment; a $5 fee is required for fingerprinting services.

Step 3 – Fill In Fingerprint Card

In addition to the subject’s fingerprints, the fingerprint card must be filled in with the individual’s name, date of birth, reason fingerprinted (criminal background check), and the appropriate descriptive FBI codes. See the back of the fingerprint card for a full list of FBI codes.

Step 4 – Submit Fingerprint Card

The fingerprint card can be submitted to DCI by mail or in person (address posted below this paragraph). Included with the fingerprint card must be a $15 certified check or money order made out to the Office of the Attorney General. Personal checks are not accepted. If submitting the card by mail, provide a contact phone number and a return address.

Division of Criminal Investigation, ATTN: ATS, 208 South College Drive, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002

Step 5 – Await Results

General criminal history checks will be completed by the DCI within two (2) weeks. However, the background check could take as long as five (5) to six (6) weeks depending on the volume and quality of the cards they receive.