The Wisconsin Department of Corrections has created an online offender check system through which the general public can conduct a search for registered sex offenders in Wisconsin. If looking for a specific individual, you will need to know of the offender’s name, alias, or identification number (DOC#). Otherwise, you can search for offenders residing is a specific city/village/town, county, zip code range, or for offenders of a specific race, age or gender.

All information available on the Department of Corrections search portal should be used for informative purposes only. Any harassment, verbal and written threats, or other acts which might be harmful to an offender could lead to criminal prosecution and/or criminal penalties.

Step 1 – Access the Offender Locator

Access the Wisconsin offender locator by navigating to this webpage. Review the information below “DISCLAIMER” to understand some important details regarding usage of the offender locator. If you understand the policies, click I Agree to proceed.

Step 2 – Search Details

The following page contains a number of empty fields in which your search information will be entered. There is no minimum requirement to conduct a search, therefore you can fill in one (1) or more of the empty fields to be provided with results.

In the “Search On” window, enter the offender’s last name, first name, and middle initial (if known). The two checkboxes below those fields can be selected to search for offenders who might use the name as an alias, and for offenders whose names sounds phonetically similar. Below those fields, specify the offender’s race, gender, birth year, and age range.

Here, enter the offender’s address (city/village/town, county, zip code range). If you know of the offender’s DOC#, enter it in the empty space below “Identification Numbers.”

The “Limit Search To” window provides you with the ability to narrow your search results. You can limit your results to that of registered offenders only, thus removing any terminated offenders from your results. Also, the “Offender Status” option allows you to search for offenders who are under active community supervision or who are incarcerated. Click the Search button to continue.

Step 3 – Search Results

Your search results will be presented on the following page. The information immediately available to you is the offender’s name, brith year, race, county, zip code, and status. You can review a page with more information on any particular offender by selecting either the offender’s last or first name. Additionally, you can view several images of the individual by selecting the small camera seen on the far right-hand side of the webpage.