Performing a Washington sex offender check can be accomplished by going to the Community Notification website and selecting a county to be searched. Each county has their own OffenderWatch search portal which has been provided specifically for public sex offender checks. The OffenderWatch portal will allow you to search for individuals by location (area and city) as well as by name and non-compliant status. Offender information is provided immediately after a check has been submitted, including the offender’s name, image, address, and identifying scars or other features.

Laws § 9A.44.130

The information obtained from a sex offender check should be used solely for informative purposes and not to harass, intimidate, or threaten an offender.

Step 1 – Select a County

Go to this webpage to find a list of local law enforcement agencies in the State. From the available options, select the one that corresponds with the county in which the search is being conducted.

Step 2 – Begin Offender Search

Here, you are presented with a brief overview of the OffenderWatch search portal. When ready, select Click Here To Search For Offenders In Your Area.

Step 3 – Choose Search Type

Specify your preferred search type by selecting either In your areaNameCity, or Non-Compliant.

Step 4 – Search by Area

If searching for offenders within a specific area, enter the address in the empty fields and specify whether or not you would like to search for the offender’s home address. Click Search to submit your query.

The results are displayed on a map indicating the locations of registered offenders residing in the specified area. Just below the map, there is a list showing the image, name, address, and offender level of each offender. Additional information on any offender can be accessed by clicking the offender’s name or by selecting one of the magnifying glasses located below “View Details.”

Step 5 – Search by Name

Searching for an offender by name can be accomplished by entering the last and first name of an individual into the two (2) empty fields. Once entered, click Search to continue.

This page contains a list of all matching offenders as well as some of their personal information. To investigate further into an offender’s history, select their name or click on the magnifying glass available just below “View Details.”

Step 6 – Search by City

To search for an offender by city, simply enter the name of a city in the empty field and click Search.

Each offender who resides in the specified city will be mentioned here. Scroll through the results and, if you’d like to review more information on an offender, select either the offender’s name or the magnifying glass located on the right.

Step 7 – Search for Non-Compliant Offenders

Non-compliant offenders (individuals who have failed to properly register within the State) can be searched by selecting the Click Here button.

All non-complaint offenders are shown here. To view a more in-depth review of an offender’s personal information, select either the magnifying glass on the right of the page or select the individual’s name.