An employer in Vermont may conduct a criminal background check on any person by accessing the Vermont Criminal Conviction Record Internet Service. If pre-screening an applicant for employment, the individual must first be informed of the search and, if the requestor is a third-party agency, the subject must provide their written consent. The application should receive a copy of the report and be notified if they will not be employed based on the information received in the criminal background check. Furthermore, an individual may perform a background check on themselves by submitting the Public Request for Conviction Information along with the Notary Form.

Cost – $30

Laws – § 2056c

Step 1 – Authorization Form

If the background check is being conducted by a third-party, it is recommended that the subject completes the Background Check Authorization Form. The authorization form isn’t necessarily required when accessing public criminal convictions, however, it is always good practice to obtain the subject’s consent before conducting a search of their background.

Step 2 – Access VCCRIS

Begin by accessing the Vermont Criminal Conviction Record Internet Service (VCCRIS). Once there, select the Start button to continue.

Step 3 – Usage Agreement and Requester Information

Below “Usage Agreement for Retrieval of Records,” click each of the three boxes to agree with the corresponding terms. Next, in “Requester Information,” enter your first and last name, business name (if applicable), and your email address. Click Continue once the requisite information has been provided.

Step 4 – Submit Subject Information

This page is where the purpose of the search as well as the subject (individual being checked) must be described. In the available fields, provide the following information:

  • Purpose of request
  • First name of subject
  • Last name of subject
  • Date of birth of subject
  • First alias or alternate spelling of subject (optional)
  • Second alias or alternate spelling of subject (optional)

Once the above information has been provided, click Continue to proceed.

Step 5 – Payment

The last step is to provided payment for the request. Enter your credit card and billing address information and click Submit to have your request delivered to VCCRIS.