The Virginia State Police (VSP) has made it possible for any individual to conduct a Virginia sex offender check by submitting a query online. Using the VSP online search portal, users can access the publicly available information of an offender, including the offender’s name, aliases, address, working address, convicted offenses, age, and other information which VSP might deem necessary to maintain public safety. Note that this information is meant to inform the public only and not to be used to harass, intimidate, or carry out any unlawful act.

Laws – § 9.1-900 through § 9.1-923

Step 1 – Access the VSP Search Portal

Begin by going to the Virginia State Police Offender Search Portal. Once there, review the information found within the “Conditions of Use” window.

Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and locate the window which contains a five (5) digit code. Type the code into the empty field and click Accept.

Step 2 – Choose Search Type

The offender search portal allows users to search for offenders by entering a zip code, address, name, county, or city. Select the preferred search method by choosing one of the options available in the search window.

Step 3 – Search by Zip

A search by zip code can be performed by entering a zip code in the empty field. Just below the empty field, select one (1) or more of the options to narrow the search results (optional). When ready, click Search to continue.

The following page contains the results of the search which includes the offenders’ names, addresses, and photos. Further information can be obtained by clicking on the name of any offender.

Step 4 – Search by Address

If searching for an offender by address, specify a street, city, state, and zip code to be searched. Next, indicate the search radius (in miles) as well as other details that can help provide a more accurate search. Click the Search button once the requisite information has been entered.

Here, the search results are presented on a map showing the locations of each offender residing in the previously specified area. More offender information can be accessed by selecting one of the map markers.

Step 5 – Search by Name

Searching for an offender by name can be executed by entering the individual’s last and first name in the empty fields. Just below the fields, several options are available which can assist in narrowing down the search results. Proceeding by clicking the Search button.

The search results are presented on the subsequent page. Each offender that matches the results of the query are indicated by their name, address, and photo. A more detailed report of any offender can be accessed by selecting an offender’s name.

Step 6 – Search by County

Enter the county name in the empty field and, optionally, specify any additional details (e.g. wanted offenders only, incarcerated offenders only). To proceed, click the Search button.

The offender search portal will now provide a list of all registered offenders residing in the previously mentioned county. Click on a offender’s name to review a page with more information on the individual.

Step 7 – Search by City

All offenders residing in a specific city can be researched by entering the city name in the empty field. Additionally, the results of the search can be altered by selecting one (1) or more of the available search options found just below the empty field. The query can be submitted by clicking Search.

The offender search results are presented here (offender name, address, and photo). Scroll through the results and select one of the offender names to review more of their personal information.