Perform a Utah sex offender check by accessing the OffenderWatch portal provided by the Utah Department of Corrections. Their portal allows you to search for individuals by name or by location of residence. Alternatively, a general search can be conducted within a city/town. The results of your query will provide you with the individual’s personal information and other details that might help you identify them more accurately.

Laws§ 101 – 112 (Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry)

As stated in § 77-41-110, it is a violation of Utah criminal law to threaten, harass, or stalk any offender or their family members. Therefore, the information you obtain through the offender check must be used in good faith.

Step 1 – Go to the UDC Webpage

Click here to access the Utah of Department of Corrections (UDC) OffenderWatch portal. Once there, scroll down the page and select I agree to the above terms & conditions followed by Continue.

Step 2 – Access OffenderWatch

Access the UDC OffenderWatch portal by selecting Click Here To Search For Offenders In Your Area.

Step 3 – Choose Search Type

The following page contains a window with multiple search options available (In your area, Name, City, and Non-compliant). Select your preferred search type by clicking on the corresponding option.

Step 4 – Search by Name

If searching for an individual by name, enter the individual’s first and last name in the available spaces and click Search to submit your query.

All offenders matching the provided name can be seen here. More information on any specific individual can be accessed by selecting the individual’s name (in blue, below the “Name” row).

Step 5 – Search by Location

There are two (2) options which can be used to search for an offender by location; “In your area” and “City”. If using the “In your area” option, enter an address in the empty fields and specify whether you’d like to search for “Home Addresses,” “Secondary Addresses,” or both. Additionally, you may indicate whether or not you would like to exclude incarcerated offenders. Click the Search button to submit your query.

The results of your search will be displayed on a map containing markers which indicate the living address of each offender. Below the map, there is a list of all offenders’ names and their addresses and images. More details on any particular individual can be accessed by selecting a marker on the map or the name of the individual.

If searching by “City,” simply enter the name of the city in the entry field, specify whether or not you’d like to include “Secondary Addresses,” and click Search.

The names of all offenders residing in the specified city are shown here. Select the individual’s name for a more in-depth review of their personal information.