Utah criminal background check may only be executed by the subject of the check and not by a separate individual or organization. A third-party, such as an employer, may request that an individual conducts a background check on themselves. In these instances, the third-party will be required to draft a waiver notifying the subject that a criminal background check is being conducted, how the information will be used, and who shall view the information. The background check may be submitted to the Bureau of Criminal Identification (the organization which handles criminal history requests) both in-person and by mail.

Cost – $15

Laws – § 53-10-108

Step 1 – Fill in Form 98-1-03

Download the Application for Criminal History Record (Form 98-1-03) and fill it in with the requisite information.

If the results of the criminal background check are to be released to a third-party, the subject must complete the Third-Party Release Form and attach it to the initial application.

Step 2 – Delivery Method

The complete application can be delivered to Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) either in person or by mail. Instructions for both delivery methods can be found below.

In-Person Submission:

If delivering the form in person, be sure to bring along payment for the $15 filing fee (cash, personal check, credit card, money order, cashiers check), a government issued photo ID, and the third-party release form (if applicable).

Submit by Mail:

Applications submitted by mail must be sent with the $15 filing fee included (do not send cash). It will also be necessary to have the subject’s fingerprints provided onto the form; contact the BCI public fingerprint and photo service at 1 (801) 965-4445.

Step 3 – Submit Form

Both in-person and mail submissions must be delivered to the following address: Bureau of Criminal Identification, 3888 West 5400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84129. Once processed, the criminal record information will be delivered to the subject or the specified third-party. Note that the subject has the legal right to dispute the results of the background check. If he/she wishes to dispute the accuracy of the information, have the subject submit a Record Challenge Form.