Texas sex offender check is performed by accessing the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) website and searching for an individual using their online portal. The results of your search will provide you with an image of the offender as well as other details pertaining to their location of residence, prior conviction(s), and identifying features. All information provided by DPS is public information. However, it is your duty to ensure that the information be used in good faith and not for the purposes of harassing or threatening an offender.

Laws – Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 62.005

Step 1 – Go to the Texas DPS Website

The DPS online offender search function can be accessed by navigating to this webpage. On the webpage, review the information provided in the grey text window and, if you agree to the policy, select the small checkbox beside “I have read and agree to the above statements”. Proceed by clicking Continue.

Step 2 – Choose Search Type

Within the “Search Type” options, select your search method of preferences. You may elect to search by Name, Address, Zip Code, County, School, or National.

Step 3 – Search by Name

To conduct a search using the individual’s name, enter the individual’s last and first name in the empty spaces. Below that, you may optionally specify the person’s date of birth and their county of residence. Submit your query by clicking Search.

The following page shows the names of all offenders who have the same or similar name to the one entered in your search. More information on the individual can be reviewed by clicking on the individual’s name.

Step 4 – Search by Location

There are several options available in “Search Type” which can help you find an offender by location; Address, Zip Code, and County. Choose your search method and proceed by entering the requisite information in the empty spaces. In “Results Type,” specify whether you would like to have your search results displayed as text or as a map with markers. Click Search to submit your request.

If you’ve chosen to have your results displayed by text, you will be presented with a list of each offender residing in the previously specified area. Scroll through the results and select the name of an offender to review a more detailed description of that particular person.

If you have elected to review your results on a map, the following page will show you a map with markers indicating the addresses of all registered offenders living in that area. Select one of the markers to review more information on the individual.