Conduct a free tenant background check for a landlord or property manager to screen an individual’s criminal history, credit report, employment status, eviction history, and past rental references. This information can be obtained from the prospective tenant by requiring them to provide personal information which includes a consent waiver that allows the landlord to lookup their personal details.

The following will show a landlord how to conduct a tenant screening 100% free. When a landlord is accepting applicants for a vacant residential property the tenant is the person that will be paying for the service. This allows the landlord to give their time to committed tenants as well as not have out of pocket expenses related to tenants that don’t qualify.

Fee – The tenant should be charged for conducting the following verifications (between $35 to $100). In addition it shows their level of interest in the property.

Credit Check – This is a standard check which outlines a person’s credit worthiness based on a score of 350 – 850 (traditional) although the highest recommended option is the TransUnion score which is based on 100 – 900.

Current and Past Employment – This may be completed by obtaining the last five (5) years of employers that the individual worked. This should include their job title, hourly pay or salary, and

Criminal History – This is a standard check to ensure that the individual does not have a violent record or criminal history. If the individual does, the landlord can make an assessment of whether or not the crime was violent or presents a danger to the other tenants on the property. In most States

Renting History – For obtaining a full credit report, in addition to obtaining a good reference. the applicant should provide at least five (5) years of living history along with the name(s) of their past residential address(es), landlord / management company, and monthly rent.

Sex Offender Verification – The landlord will want to make sure that the potential tenant is not a registered sex offender. This can be done by searching the Registry and seeing if the name entered matches any currently listed in the database.