Conducting a sex offender search in the State of South Carolina can be accomplished on the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) website. Their site allows you to search for an individual by name and by geographic location. Regardless of the type of search performed, the results will provide you with the address of the individual as well as other information which might help you identify the person, including images and a description of any scars or tattoos.

Laws South Carolina Code Title 23, Chapter 3, Article 7

As stated in § 23-3-490, it is considered a criminal offence to misuse the information collected on the sex offender registry. Therefore, you should not commit a crime against, harass, or harm any individual in the registry or who works or resides at an address listed in the registry.

Step 1 – Access the SLED Search Function

Begin by accessing the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) website. Once there, review the terms and conditions presented in the text window. If you agree to the terms, select I agree.

Step 2 – Enter Code

This page requires you to supply a randomly generated code in order to verify the authenticity of your search. Enter the code in the “Code” field and click Continue.

Step 3 – Search by Name

From the options available at the top of the page, select the second option from the left titled Name Search.

Enter the last and first name of the individual and select the Search button to proceed.

You will be presented with a map showing the location of each individual whose name matches the one entered in your search. Select the map marker to view the individual’s current address or scroll down to the see images of each individual along with their personal information. To view a more in-depth description of the individual, select the person’s name below the “Name” heading.

This page shows a detailed description of the individual, including the crime(s) committed as well as other details which might help you identify the individual.

Step 4 – Search by Location

A search by location may be performed by selecting the Geographic Search option found at the top of the webpage.

Enter the address in the empty spaces (street, city, state, zip code). In “Search Type,” specify whether you’d like to search by “Distance from this address” or “In my zip code”. If searching by distance from the address, specify the radius which shall be searched (1 mile, 2 miles, or 3 miles). Click the Search button when you’re ready to proceed.

This page shows you a map with the locations of each individual living within the radius specified in your search. Click on a map marker and you will be able to view the address and name of that particular registered sex offender.

If you scroll down on the page, you will see a list of each individual who matches the criteria of your search. Select the individual’s name to be taken to a webpage with a more detailed description of that individual.

Here you are given a full description of the individual, including his/her aliases, facial/body descriptions, and criminal offence(s).