State law requires all private unlicensed firearms dealers in Rhode Island to conduct a background check on the purchaser prior to the sale of a firearm. The purchaser will need to fill out an application in accordance with § 11-47-35.2 before delivering it to the local State Police or local Chief of Police. After a successful background check is conducted, the purchaser may not receive the firearm until seven (7) days have passed. Individuals with a concealed weapons license will not be required to receive a background check in Rhode Island (all federal laws still apply).

Bill of Sale – Used to show proof of sale between the owner and the buyer.

Application for License to Carry a Concealable Weapon – Necessary when attempting to obtain a permit for a concealed handgun.

For Sale of a Gun

Step 1  The purchaser must complete an application, in accordance with § 11-47-35.2, which describes their personal information, identifying marks, and criminal offences (if any). The form must then be signed by both parties and notarized before it can be delivered to the Rhode Island State Police or the Local Chief of Police.

Step 2 – If the firearms dealer does not receive any disqualifying information within a seven (7) day waiting period, the firearm shall be delivered rightfully to the purchaser.

Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) License

Step 1 – Purchasing a concealed weapon will require the individual to fill out the Application for License to Carry a Concealable Weapon.

Step 2 – Included with the application must be the following items:

  • Two 1” X 1” clear photos of the applicant
  • Two types of legal identification, verified by a Notary Public
  • Copy of home state permit (non-residents only)
  • Set of prints on a FBI fingerprint applicant card (new permits only)
  • Letter of explanation and copy of business licence (if weapon is for used of employment)
  • If not for employment, attach a letter stating the reason for the permit
  • Letter of verification from the Chief of Police (retired police officers applying under 11-47-18)

Once the above items have been gathered, all filings must be delivered to the Rhode Island State Police or the Local Chief of Police. Filing times will not exceed a total of ninety (90) days.

Step 3 – The applicant will be notified of approval or denial by mail. If the permit is granted, the applicant must appear in person to collect the permit and present a $40 check or money order.