The Pennsylvania State Police has provided both individuals and employers the ability to conduct a criminal background check by mail and online. If an employer is requesting the information of an individual as a requisite to the hiring process, the employer may only consider felonies and misdemeanors to the extent which relates to the individual’s suitability for a particular position. The employer will be required to provide written notification to the individual if he/she is not to be hired based on or in part of any prior convictions.

Cost – $8

Laws Chapter 91 (Criminal History Record Information)

Step 1 – Go to the PATCH Website

If a third-party Consumer Reporting Agency is conducting the request, the subject of the search must be notified and indicate their consent by completing a Background Check Authorization Form. Next, go to the Pennsylvania State Police website to begin the process. From there, scroll down and select Submit a New Record Check.

Step 2 – Accept Terms and Conditions

The following page contains the terms and conditions for this particular website. If you accept the terms, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Accept.

Step 3 – Requestor Details

Here you must specify whether the request is being made by an individual or company. After making a selection, proceed by clicking the Continue button.

Step 4 – Additional Information

You are presented with a page containing a number of empty spaces in which your personal or company information is required. Once the information has been entered, click Next to proceed.

Step 5 – Confirm Information

Verify the details of your submission before clicking the Proceed button to continue.

Step 6 – Subject Information

This page requires you to enter the information of the person being searched. Enter their personal details in the empty spaces and click Enter This Request to proceed. The subsequent pages will require payment of the $8 filing fee before the background check is complete.

You should receive the results of your search shortly after submitting your request. If the individual’s file is labelled as “Under Review,” processing times may be anywhere between four (4) and six (6) weeks.

Check by Mail

Any third-party agency requesting the criminal history information of an individual must first obtain the individual’s consent (use the Background Check Authorization Form). Download the Request for Criminal Background Check and fill it in with the requisite information.

Attached to the completed form must be a certified check/money order made out to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the amount of $8. Mail your filings to the following address: Pennsylvania State Police, Central Repository – 164, 1800 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17110-9758. Once submitted, your request will be returned to you in four (4) weeks or longer.