All private and unlicensed firearms dealer in Oregon are required to conduct a background check on the purchaser of a gun. The dealer will perform the background check by contacting the Oregon Department of State Police (DSP) via their Firearms Instant Check System. This system will then check the purchaser’s criminal record and mental health data to determine whether or not they qualify for the purchase.

Bill of Sale – Used to document the purchase of a firearm.

For Sale of a Gun

Step 1 – The dealer must run the background check through DSP’s Firearms Instant Check System. This can be accomplished by calling 1 (800) 432-5059 or 1 (503) 585-6245.

Step 2 – If within thirty (30) minutes DSP has not determined whether the purchase is allowed, they shall notify the dealer of an estimated time when a response shall be given. If there is still no response received from DSP after the end of the dealer’s next business day, the purchaser may legally acquire the firearm.

Concealed Handgun Licence (CHL)

Step 1 – Apply for a CHL by navigating to this webpage and selecting the application which corresponds with your county of preference.

Step 2 – Fill in each of the empty spaces with the requisite information (each county form will differ).

Step 3 – Regardless of whether you’re submitting a new application or a renewal application, you must make an appointment with the Sheriff’s Office prior to returning your complete application (Office Locator).

Step 4 – After making your appointment, bring your complete application (and all other required documents) to the Sheriffs Office. You will be required to supply a $65 filing fee if submitting a new application or $50 if submitting a renewal application. Approval will be received within forty-five days (45) and, if approved, the license will be valid for four (4) years.