Any individual or organization may conduct an Oregon criminal background check by submitting a written Request for Oregon Criminal History Information or by completing an Online Application. The Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJISD) will provide the requestor with all records of conviction and of any arrest made within one (1) year which has been acquitted or dismissed. The subject will be notified by CJISD of the request and will be able to dispute the accuracy of the information which has been provided to them. If within fourteen (14) days there has been no dispute made, the request will be valid and the subject’s criminal records information will be delivered to the requestor.

Cost – $10

Laws § 181.560

Step 1 – Access the CJISD Website

If the requesting party is a third-party agency (CRA), have the subject complete a Background Check Authorization Form to indicate their consent to the criminal records search. When ready, navigate to CJISD Website and select Pay By Credit/Debit Card.

Step 2 – Requestor Information

This pages requires the personal information of the requestor. Fill in each emboldened fields and click Submit Form.

Step 3 – Subject Information

Next, the subject of the background check must be specified. Provide the individual’s details in the available spaces and click Save & Submit to proceed.

Step 4 – Review of Fee

This page gives a review of the required processing fee. Proceed by selecting Click here to pay by credit/debit card.

Step 5 – Submit Payment

Lastly, enter the credit/debit card information of the requestor and click Process to complete the request.

Request by Mail

If a third-party Consumer Reporting Agency is conducting the criminal records search, the subject should first complete a Background Check Authorization Form before commencing. Next, download the Request for Oregon Criminal History Information and fill it in with the requisite information.

Once the form is complete, it must be mailed to the below address with a $10 check or money order attached (make payable to “Oregon State Police”).

Oregon State Police Unit 11 PO Box 4395 Portland, Oregon 97208-4395