An Oklahoma sex offender search can be executed using the search portal available on the Department of Corrections website. Offenders are required to register in accordance with § 583 of the Oklahoma Sex Offenders Act. Once registered, their information will be made available to the public for informative purposes and so that individuals may take the precautions necessary to protect themselves and their families. Any misuse of this information, including harassment or threats against an offender, may result in criminal prosecution.

Laws – Sex Offenders Registration Act

Step 1 – Access Search Portal

Navigate to the Oklahoma Sex & Violent Offender Registry homepage to begin. Read over the disclaimer and ensure that you fully understand the policies of the search portal.

If you feel comfortable with the policies, select the small checkbox and click Submit.

Step 2 – Choose Search Type

You should be able to see the search options within the “Search Type” window on the left side of your screen.

Choose one of the options found within the “Search Type” window to specify the type of search you’d like to perform.

Step 3 – Basic Search

A basic offender search allows you to search of an offender by name and address. In the empty spaces, enter the subject’s first name, last name, street address, city, state, county, and zip code. Click Search when ready to proceed.

The results of your search are presented on the subsequent page. This information includes the offender’s DOC #, full name, race, sex, and registered address. More information can be accessed by clicking the small icon below the “Detail” column.

Step 4 – Appearance Search

To search for an offender by appearance or physical attribute, describe the individual by entering the following information in the empty fields:

  • Race
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Height (feet and inches)
  • Weight
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Other physical identifiers
  • Physical identifier description

With the above information provided, click Search to proceed.

The subsequent page shows each offender who matches the previously provided descriptive information. Scroll through the results until you’ve landed on the desired individual. You can view a more informative report on the offender by clicking the small icon below “DETAIL.”

Step 5 – Offense Search

Select one of the options from the “Offense” drop-down menu to specify the type of offense committed by the offender being investigated. Just below that, indicate the state within which the offense was committed and mention whether or not the offense was aggravated and/or habitual. Proceed by clicking Search.

Your search results are displayed on the following page. Find the offender that you’d like to further investigate and click on the “DETAIL” icon next to their name to be taken to a page with more descriptive and personal information on the individual.

Step 6 – Search by Map

Searching for an offender on a map can be accomplished by entering an address in the empty spaces (street, city, state, county, zip code) and indicating the search radius. Click Search to submit your request.

On the next page, you should see a map with markers detailing the addresses of the registered offenders residing in the specified location. Select one of the markers to review more information on the offender.