By accessing the online sex offender registry, a New York sex offender search may be conducted, allowing citizens to stay informed of sex offenders residing within the state. One can either investigate an individual person or search a certain geographical area for a list of offenders that are known to living therein. A detailed profile of each registered sex offender can be viewed which includes their photograph, personal information, and address(es).

Laws – Correction Law Article 6-C: §168

Step 1 – Access The Sex Offender Registry

Navigate to the New York State sex offender registry by following this link.

Step 2 – Search for Offender(s)

Enter one of the following as your search criteria: a last name, the name of a county, or a ZIP code. Next, select if you wish to exclude any of the given options from your search.

Step 3 – Enter Code

Enter the random Captcha code in the indicated field before clicking Search to continue.

Step 4 – View Search Results

After conducting a search you will be given a list of all applicable search results. Clicking on an offender’s name will open their detailed profile.

Step 5 – View Individual Profile

An offender’s individual profile will provide their photograph, personal information, address(es), and other relevant information.