In order for an employer to conduct a New Mexico criminal background check, they will need their employee to complete the Authorization for Release of Information Form and have it sent to: Department of Public Safety / P.O. BOX 1628 / Santa Fe, NM 87504-1628. There are no laws restricting employers from inquiring into their employee or applicant’s criminal history in New Mexico, except in the case of public sector employers. Public sector employers are not allowed to consider arrest records (without conviction) or misdemeanours when using criminal records as references. Furthermore, public sector applicants can only have their criminal history investigated once they have been declared as a finalist for a job position.

Cost – $15

Laws – §28-2-3 through §28-2-5

Step 1 – Obtain the Criminal History Request Form

In order to make a criminal history request, you will need to obtain the Authorization for Release of Information Form.

Step 2 – Fill Out the Form

Once you have obtained the authorization form, the employee will need to supply their name, SSN, and date of birth into the indicated space. Below that, enter the name and address of the employer (this is where the criminal history report will be sent).

Step 3 – Sign and Notarize the Form

At this juncture, the employee will need to provide their signature and the date in the “Applicant Signature” and “Date” fields. Beneath that, a Notary Public will need to notarize this form by providing the date, their signature, their seal, and the date that their commission expires.

Step 4 – Send By Mail or Hand Deliver Form

Once the form has been completed, it must be delivered by hand or by mail, along with the $15 fee, to the following address: Department of Public Safety / P.O. BOX 1628 / Santa Fe, NM 87504-1628. The results of the criminal background check will be sent to the employer’s address.