A New Jersey sex offender search can be performed online by accessing the sex offender registry through the New Jersey State Police’s website. New Jersey law mandates that the Division of State Police maintains a public registry of sex offenders in order to enable members of the public to protect themselves and those in their care from possible harm. An offender search can investigate a specific individual or provide a list of offenders known to reside within a specific geographical area.

Laws – New Jersey Code §2C:7-2 through §2C:7-23

Step 1 – Access The Sex Offender Registry

Navigate to the online sex offender registry which is found on the New Jersey State Police’s website.

Step 2 – Accept Terms of Use

Scroll down the page until you see the notification shown below. Click I accept to accept the terms of this website’s use and continue to the next step.

Step 3 – Begin a New Search

On the subsequent page, you will need to click the button shown below in order to proceed.

Step 4 – Search By Area

At this juncture, you may perform a sex offender search. Enter the following information in the “In your area” tab before clicking Search to search by area:

  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code / Zip plus
  • Offender address type

Step 5 – Search By Name

To search by name, select the “Name” tab and enter a last and/or first name to investigate before clicking Search to see your search results.

Step 6 – Search By City

Select the “City” tab and enter the name of the city that you would like to search for before clicking Search.

Step 7 –  View List of Non-Compliant Offenders

If you would like to view the list of non-compliant offenders, click the “Non-compliant” tab before clicking Click Here. You will then be shown a list of non-compliant offenders.

Step 8 – Search By Internet Names/Email

To search by internet alias or email address, select the “Internet Names/Email” tab and enter the name or address into the indicated field. When you are done, click Search to view the results of your search.

Step 9 – View Search Results

After performing an offender search, you will be given a list of results that match your search criteria. By clicking on an offender’s name, you can see a detailed profile of them.

Step 10 – View Detailed Profile

Once you have selected an individual offender’s profile, you will see their full registration status, physical description, address, and a list of offenses.