A North Dakota sex offender search can be conducted by performing a search on the North Dakota Sex Offender Registry website. An individual can obtain the name of each registered sex offender in North Dakota, but not all offenders have their photograph shown. All offenders with lifetime registration and/or who are considered high risk have their photograph and full details accessible by the public. To view a list of all offenders, download the public list for your area by visiting this webpage.

Laws – §12.1-32-15

Step 1 – Access The Sex Offender Registry

Navigate to the North Dakota Sex Offender Registry website.

Step 2 – Select Search Type

Select the type of search you would like to conduct by clicking on one of the four (4) options.

Step 3 – Search List of All Offenders

In this option, you will need to select either a city or a county, and an offender type. Clicking Search will automatically download the public list of all offenders matching your specifications.

Step 4 – Conduct Detailed Search

Click Continue to proceed past the disclaimer.

Provide the search criteria that you would like to apply to your offender search before clicking Search to continue.

Step 5 – Search Map Nearby Offenders

You will be shown a disclaimer message, click Continue to proceed.

Provide an address, city, radius, and offender type before clicking Search to view your results.

Step 6 – View List of Delinquent Offenders

Click Continue to proceed to the search page.

You should now be able to view a list of all non-compliant offenders. By clicking on an individual’s name, you will be able to view their detailed profile.

Step 7 – View Search Results

If there are any applicable results to your search, you will be shown a list of offenders who fit your search criteria. Clicking on a subject’s name will link you to their detailed profile.

Step 8 – View Detailed Profile

In an offender’s detailed profile, you will be able to view all of their personal information, addresses, aliases, and in most cases, their photograph.