Anyone can conduct a North Carolina (NC) sex offender search by accessing the NC State Bureau of Investigation’s online Sex Offender Registry. NC sex offenders are required to register themselves with the sheriff’s office in the county in which they reside. If they have been released from jail or just moved to NC, they must register within ten (10) days. Otherwise, they are required to register immediately after their conviction. The public has complete access to the Sex Offender Registry and may search by name, registration number, or geographical area in order to inform themselves of individuals in their community that pose a possible threat.

Laws – Chapter 14, Article 27A of the North Carolina General Statutes

Step 1 – Access The Sex Offender Registry

Navigate to the NC State Bureau of Investigation’s Sex Offender Registry webpage.

Step 2 – Accept Terms of Use

Click Agree to agree to the website’s terms of use.

Step 3 – Search by Address

Enter the address you would like to search for before clicking Find Addresses to view a list of search results.

Step 4 –Search by Offender

Provide the individual’s name, age, zip code, city, county, and offender status (as much information as you have available). Next, if you would like to include alias names and/or incarcerated offenders, check the appropriate checkboxes before clicking Search the Registry to continue.

Step 5 – Search by Latitude/Longitude

Supply latitude and longitude coordinates before clicking Map Location.

Step 6 – Search by Sex Registration Number

Enter the offenders registration number and click Search the Registry.

Step 7 – View Search Results

After performing a search, you will see a list of offenders that matches your search criteria. Click on an offenders name to see their detailed profile.

Step 8 – View Detailed Profile

The detailed profile will show the offender’s photograph, personal information, aliases, addresses, identifying marks, and a list of their offenses.