Anyone can access the Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering and Tracking (SMART) webpage in order to perform a Montana sex offender search. All sex offenders staying or residing in Montana are required to register themselves; failure to do so is considered a felony. By performing a sex offender search, you can immediately access an offender’s name, address, date of birth, a list of their registered offenses, and their photograph. Searches may be performed either to locate an individual or to view a list of registered offenders known to be in a certain area.

Laws – §46-23-508

Step 1 – Access The Sex Offender Registry

Navigate to the SMART webpage by following this link. Once the page has loaded, check the box that indicates that you accept the site’s terms of use and enter the provided code before clicking Continue to proceed.

Step 2 – Search by Name

To perform a search by name only, provide a first and/or last name into the “Standard” search window before clicking Search to view your results.

Step 3 – Search by Name and/or Zip Code

In the “Advanced” search window, beneath “Search by Name and/or Zip Code” select whether you would like to search all States/Territories/Indian Counties, a particular State/Territory, or a specific Indian County before providing the following offender information (as available):

  • First and/or last name
  • County
  • City/Town
  • Zip code

Once you are ready, click Search by Name and/or Zip Code to proceed.

Step 4 – Search by Area

To perform a search of a radius relative to a given location, supply the information listed below before clicking Search by Address Radius.

  • Address
  • City/Town
  • State
  • Distance

Step 5 – View Search Results

After performing your search, you will immediately be given a list of results with each offender’s photograph, name/aliases, age, and address.