Montana criminal background checks may be performed by employers in order to verify the history of their employees. However, in accordance with State law, employers can only ask about convictions, not arrests, and background checks can only include information that is up to seven (7) years old (§31-3-112). When using a third-party consumer reporting agency to provide a consumer report (full background check) on a particular employee or applicant, the employer must obtain the subject’s written permission by having them fill out and return a Background Check Authorization Form.

Cost – $14.50

Laws – §31-3-112§10.57.201A

Step 1 – Access the Criminal History Search Webpage

Click here to navigate to the Montana Department of Justice’s criminal history search webpage.

Step 2 – Select Registered/Public User Option

Click on Start Service beneath either the “Registered Users” or “Public Users” heading.

Step 3 – Begin a New Search

Click Search to begin a new criminal history search.

Step 4 – Provide Search Information

Provide the name, date of birth, and (if available) the Social Security Number of the person that you wish to perform a search for. Below that, enter any known aliases that the person uses and your name (Requestor Name) before clicking Continue to proceed.

Step 5 – Verify Search Information

Verify your search information and click Continue.

Step 6 – Confirm Purchase(s)

Click Continue to confirm your purchase.

Step 7 – Select Payment Method and Provide Payer Information

Select Credit Card or eCheck as your method of payment and enter your payment information on the following page.

Step 8 – View the Search Results

After completing your payment, you will be given the full results of your criminal history search.