Anyone can perform a Mississippi sex offender check, either to search for a person by name or to view a list of registered offenders within a certain area. All sex offenders must be registered within the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry, which can be viewed online by the public. As per §45.33.33, it is considered a felony for a sex offender to fail to register (or reregister) themselves at the Department of Public Safety Driver’s License Station. Failure to do so will result in their arrest.

Laws – §45.33.21-61

Step 1 – Access the Sex Offender Registry

Click here to navigate to the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry website.

Step 2 – Accept Conditions of Use

Click I Agree to accept the website’s conditions of use and continue to the next step.

Step 3 – Enter Verification Code

Enter the randomly generated code into the indicated field and click Continue to access the search page.

Step 4 – Search by Name

Provide the last and/or first name of the person you wish to search for before clicking Search to view your results.

Step 5 – Search by Area

Click the Geographical Search tab and provide the geographical information that you have available. Click Search to see the search results for your criteria.

Step 6 – View Results

After clicking the Search button, you will be given a list of your search results.