The only restriction provided by State law on Mississippi criminal background checks, is that expunged records of arrests or convictions cannot be revealed. However, in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), employers must obtain their employees written permission (by having them fill out and return a Background Check Authorization Form) before performing a background check through a credit reporting agency. A criminal history check can be performed by accessing the parolee registry webpage (see guide below) or by submitting an information request form to the appropriate department (click here to view a list of forms).

Cost – None.

Laws – §25.61.5

Step 1 – Access Parolee Search Webpage

Navigate to the Mississippi Department of Corrections’ Parolee Search webpage.

Step 2 – Search Parolees by Name

Enter the last and/or first name of the person you are searching for and click the Search button.

Step 3 – Search Parolees by ID Number

Select “ID Number” from the drop down menu, enter the individual’s ID Number, and click Search.

Step 4 – Search Parolees by City

Select “City” from the menu, supply the city name for your search and click Search to continue.

Step 5 – Search Parolees by County

To search by county, select “County” from the drop down menu, select the county, and click the Search button.

Step 6 – View Results

After performing your search, you will be given a list of your search results. Click the ID number or name of your search matches to view/print their individual profiles.