A Missouri sex offender search can be performed by anyone through the sex offender registry webpage maintained by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. All sex offenders are required to register, providing their personal information, place of residence, and a recent photograph to the online registry. In Missouri most sex crimes require registration throughout their lifetime. An online search of the registry will either yield the information of an individual offender, or it will enable the researcher to review a list of offenders residing within a particular area.

Laws – §561.016

Step 1 – Access the Sex Offender Registry

Access the Missouri sex offender registry webpage by clicking here.

Step 2 – Agree to Terms and Conditions

Click I Agree in order to be able to view the registry.

Step 3 – Access the Sex Offender Search Webpage

Click the Search/Map Offenders tab to continue to the sex offender search webpage.

Step 4 – Search by Name/Personal Information

To search by offender name and/or personal information, provide as much of the below information as possible before clicking Search to continue.

  • First/last name
  • Date of birth
  • Predator type
  • Address type
  • Address

Step 5 – Search by Area

To perform a search by area, provide as much geographical information as you can before clicking Find Address to view your search results.

Step 6 – View Results

After performing a search, you will be given a list of matches. If you don’t see the person that you’re looking for, try using different search parameters.