A Minnesota sex offender check can be made online using the Public Registrant Search webpage hosted by the Minnesota Department of Corrections website. In accordance with State law, records of all sex offenders who reside in Minnesota must be kept in a public registry. Because offenders often use aliases, finding a particular person can prove difficult. In such an instance, performing a search by area may prove effective, because you may be able to identify the person from their photograph.

Laws – §243.166

Step 1 – Access the Minnesota Offender Registry

Access the online offender registry found on the Minnesota Department of Corrections website by clicking here.

Step 2 – Search by City

To search by city, select the “City” radio button, select the city that you wish to search, and click Search to see your results.

Step 3 – Search by County

Select “County” as the search option and choose the county which you wish to select from the drop down menu. Click Search when you are ready to perform a search.

Step 4 – Search by Name

To search by name, you will need to select “Name” as your search option and provide the full name that you wish to search for before clicking Search.

Step 5 – Search by ZIP Code

Select the “Zip Code” radio button, enter a five (5) digit Zip code, and click the Search button.

Step 6 – View All Registered Offenders in MN

To view all registered offenders residing in Minnesota or to view all offenders whose address is unknown, click the appropriate link (found below the offender search window) and view your results on the subsequent page.

Step 7 – View Search Results

After completing a search, you will immediately be given a list of results. If you cannot find the person that you are looking for, try using a different search option.