A Maine sex offender search is performed in order to locate a sex offender within the State and may be executed using an individual’s name, location, or area. This search can easily be done by accessing the online Maine Sex Offender Registry. As per §11221, the State Bureau of Identification must maintain a registry of sex offenders and provide public access to this information. The registry includes the name, age, physical stats, address, place of employment or study, and photograph of every registered sex offender in the State.

Laws – Title 34-A, Chapter  15

Step 1 – Access the Online Maine Sex Offender Registry

Click this link to navigate to the online Maine Sex Offender Registry.

Step 2 – Search By Name

Provide the first and/or last name of the person you are looking for, tick the “Accept Agreement” check box and click Name Search to search for a sex offender by name.

Step 3 – Search By Location

Provide the name of the city or town the sex offender is located in, check the required checkbox, and click City/Town Search to proceed.

Step 4 – Search By Area

To search by area, provide the ZIP code and select the radius around this area which you wish to investigate. When you’re ready, check the appropriate checkbox and click Zip Code Search.

Step 5 – View Results

After performing a search, you will be given a list of results which you can view individually by clicking on the individual’s name. If you get no results, click New Search and refine or expand your search.