The State of Maryland maintains a registry of all resident sex offenders who have either committed one (1) of three (3) tiers of sexual offenses or is required to be listed by another jurisdiction. The three (3) tiers of offense include the following: rape, sexual abuse, kidnapping, incest, murder with intent to rape or sexually abuse, forcible sodomy, child prostitution, distribution/manufacture of child pornography, solicitation of a minor, human trafficking, and possession of child pornography. A search of the Maryland Sex Offender Registry can easily be performed in order to locate a sex offender or to inform oneself of sex offenders in a certain area.

Laws – §11–704

Step 1 – Access the Maryland Sex Offender Registry

Navigate to the Maryland Sex Offender Registry by following this link.

Step 2 – Search By Street Address

Enter the street address that you wish to use in regards to your search, select the radius distance that you wish to employ, and select the offender type that you wish to apply. When you are ready, click Search to see the results.

Step 3 – Search By County

Select the appropriate county and desired filter before clicking Search to perform your inquiry.

Step 4 – Search By Zip Code

Provide the appropriate Zip Code and select the offender type that you wish to investigate before clicking Search.

Step 5 – Search By Name

Enter the first and last name (or one of these) into the indicated field(s) and select the desired offender type filter. If you wish to expand your search to include aliases, check the box that indicates that this is the case. When you are ready, click Search to view your results.

Step 6 – Search By Higher Education

To search for a sex offender that is employed or enrolled at a Maryland university or college, select the appropriate offender type and click Search to view the results.