Any sex offenders that study, work, or live in Massachusetts must register themselves with the Sex Offender Registry Board, which is accessible by the public. Any person can perform a Massachusetts sex offender search on the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry website. In this State, anyone who has been convicted or adjudicated of a sexual offense is considered a sexual offender.

Laws – MGL c.6 s.178C-178Q

Step 1 – Access the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board Website

To begin the sex offender search process, you will need to navigate to the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry website by following this link.

Step 2 – Accept the Terms and Conditions

Read through the terms and conditions and, if you agree to the terms, check the box that indicates this is the case. Next, enter the security code, and click Proceed to continue.

Step 3 – Search by Offender Details

To search by “Offender Details,” provide the information listed below and click Search to see your results (for names, use the drop down menu to select “Exact ,” “Starts With,” “Ends With,” or “Contains”).

  • Offender’s last name
  • Offender’s first name
  • Offender’s registration status
  • Offender’s registration level

Step 4 – Search by Place

To search by place, supply the “City/Town,” “County,” or “ZIP Code” that you would like to search for and click the Search button.

Step 5 – Search by Area

If you wish to perform a sex offender search by area, you will need to provide a “Street Number and Street Name,” the name of the “City/Town,” the “Address Radius” that you wish to apply, and the ZIP code. When you are done, click Search to view your results.

Step 6 – View Results

After clicking the Search button, the results of your search will be displayed. If you have no result, you may try using one of the other two (2) available methods.