Louisiana sex offender searches can be performed by any citizen with the intent of locating a particular sex offender or discovering offenders within a specific area. The Department of Public Safety and Corrections, in conjunction with State Police and the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information, provides public access to a list of all registered offenders within the State of Louisiana. It is the responsibility of all registered sex offenders, and the LSP, to update address information regularly. Depending on the type of offense committed, offenders have to register either annually, bi-annually, or quarterly (could be for fifteen (15) years or the rest of their life depending on the crime). Using registry information to intimidate, harass or injure any offender or their family members will result in criminal prosecution.

Lawsยง 15:542-544.2

Step 1 – Access Registry

The Louisiana Sex Offender Registry can be found on the LSP website. Read through the disclaimer to proceed to the search engine.

Step 2 – Select Parish

To start a sex offender search, select a parish from the map of Louisiana.

Step 3 – Begin Search

Click the link labelled Click Here To Search For Offenders In Your Area to proceed to the next step.

Step 4 – Search Type

The following search options are provided at this juncture, select one to continue:

  • In your area
  • Name
  • City
  • Non-compliant
  • Internet names/email
  • Phone number

Step 5 – Area Search

Select “In your area” and enter an address to discover offenders around that specific location. Users must enter an address, city, and zip code to perform this type of search.

Results of an area search will display a map with offenders labelled as icons and a list of results below.


Step 6 – Name Search

An offender can be found by entering their first and last name into the “Name” search option. Alternatively, users can enter either the first or last name to display a list of offenders that share that name or have aliases connected to that name.

Offenders that match the provided name will appear in the search results.

Step 7 – City Search

Users can simply enter a city in this search field to view a list of all offenders within that city.

Step 8 – Non-Compliant Search

Select this search option to view a list of all non-compliant offenders.

Step 9 – Internet Names/Email Search

In order to receive results from an “Internet Name/Email” search, the exact name or email must be entered into the provided field.

Step 10 – Phone Number Search

To see if a phone number is registered to a sex offender, enter that number into the empty field as shown in the image below.

Step 11 – Offender Information

Once a search has been conducted, users can click on an offender’s name from the map or the list of results to display detailed information on the offender.