A Kentucky sex offender search can be achieved by navigating to the Kentucky State Police (KSP) online Sex Offender Registry. This website provides offender information to the general public in hopes of promoting safety and awareness in the State of Kentucky. In order to ensure accurate information, sex offenders are required to register with the KSP every year for twenty (20) years or, for some offenders, every ninety (90) days for the duration of their lives. The KSP is in charge of updating the Sex Offender Registry on a daily basis (with weekend and holiday exceptions) and ensure that the information collected from the website is not used to injure or harass any registered offenders.

LawsKRS § 17.495-580

Step 1 – Sex Offender Registry

The Kentucky Sex Offender Registry can be found on the KSP website.

Step 2 – Search Options

Offenders can be searched by submitting their information (name, email, address) or by entering an address and viewing all offenders within that area.

Step 3 – Search the Registry

The first type of search can be performed by entering one (1) of the following pieces of offender information:

  • Number or last name
  • Email
  • Address
  • City
  • County
  • Zip code

Results will display as a list of offenders.

Clicking on one of the names will bring up all the registered information on that offender.

Step 4 – See a Neighborhood Map

This search option allows users to enter an address, city, zip code, or county and  view all offenders within the selected area on a map. A radius of 1, 3, or 5 miles can be selected.

The map search will display each offender as a house icon. A list of names is also provided on the right of the map. Clicking on a house icon, or on one of the names from the list, will display more detailed information on the offender.