A Kansas sex offender search can be completed using the KBI’s (Kansas Bureau of Investigation) sex offender registry. This registry is available to the public and contains information on all persons convicted of crimes set forth in the Kansas statutes. Citizens can search their city or a specific neighborhood to discover which offenders live close by and what type of offenses they have committed. The registry is updated constantly and offenders are required to register in person for 15 years, 25 years, or the rest of their life, depending on the type of offense committed. Information found on the Kansas sex offender registry cannot be used to harass or threaten offenders. Community notifications are available for anyone wishing to receive emails when certain offenders move into a particular area.

Laws§ 22-49 (Offender Registration) 

Step 1 – Kansas Sex Offender Registry

The Kansas sex offender registry can be accessed through the KBI website. Read through the conditions of use before clicking I Agree.

Step 2 – Search Options

Select one of the following three (3) search options:

  • Name
  • Geographical
  • Other

Step 3 – Name Search

To conduct a name-based offender search, enter a last name and first name (at least one (1) letter) into the empty fields. Searches can be narrowed down slightly by limiting the search to compliant or non-compliant offenders, or by offender type.

Step 4 – Geographical Search

Offenders can be found by entering a location and viewing all registered individuals around that area. Provide a street address, city, county, state, and zip code into the appropriate fields. Searches can be limited to a distance in miles, anywhere in the entered zip code, or anywhere in the entered county.

Step 5 – Other Search

This search function allows users to enter a phone number and/or online identity/email/Facebook name to search for a specific offender. Information will not be provided if the name/email is registered to an offender.

Step 6 – Results

Name search results will show a list of all offenders that go by the name entered into the search engine.


A geographical search will load a map with all registered offenders within the chosen radius, zip code, or county. Each color represents a different type of offense. Below the map is a list of all offenders within the chosen area.

Clicking a name from the list of results, or after selecting an icon on the map, will display more information on the offender.