An Idaho sex offender search can be performed by any citizen wishing to gain awareness of offenders in their neighborhood or any area within the State. The Idaho State Police (ISP) website contains information on all registered sex offenders and predators and provides a variety of different search options with which to investigate the accused. Users can even subscribe to notifications, allowing them to receive updates whenever an offender moves into their neighborhood or an area of interest. The Idaho Sex Offender Registry is updated frequently and requires that offenders register every year (four (4) times a year for violent offenders). The registry is available to the public on the condition that no one use registry information to harass or cause harm to any offender.

Laws – ยง 18-83 (Sexual Offender Registration Notification and Community Right-To-Know Act)

Step 1 – Navigate to ISP Website

The Idaho Sex Offender Registry can be accessed by following this link.

Step 2 – Select Search Type

Click Search Registry and select one of the following search options:

  • Name
  • City
  • County
  • Zip Code
  • Map

Step 3 – Name Search

Search for an offender using their first or last name. Selecting a city and/or county may narrow search results. Searches can be conducted within adult and juvenile databases.

Step 4 – City Search

Selecting the “City” search allows users to look through a list of all offenders within that city.

Step 5 – County Search

A list of offenders in a specific county can be accessed by selecting the “County” category and choosing the desired county.

Step 6 – Zip Code Search

Select “Zip Code” search and enter a Zip code to look through a list of offenders within that area.

Step 7 – Map Search

Users can enter an address and city into the “Map” search engine to view all offenders within that area on a map. Select either a “1”, “3” or “5” mile radius to narrow the search results.

Step 8 – Results

A name-, city-, Zip code-, or county-based search will yield a list of offenders. If a specific name was entered, the results may yield a single name.

Clicking on the name will bring up the offender’s profile.

A map-based search will display offenders as icons on a map. Clicking on one of the icons will allow users to view the offender’s information. Clicking on the offender’s name will display their entire profile as shown in the image above.