A Hawaii sex offender search can be done through the HCJDC (Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center) sex offender registry. Information concerning sex offenders and predators in the State of Hawaii is considered public knowledge. Offenders must report every year on, or within thirty (30) days of their birthday with the chief of police or a designated law department or agency. This enables the HCJDC to keep accurate and detailed information on each offender within the registry. Citizens can feel safe and secure knowing that they can perform a sex offender search to learn about possible threats and dangers in their city or neighborhood.

Laws§ 846E (Registration of Sex Offenders and Other Covered Offenders)

Step 1 – Access Search Engine

Go to the offender search webpage on the HCJDC web portal.

Step 2 – Enter Information

Users can look up an offender by name or bring up a list of offenders in a certain area. The following information can be entered in order to perform a successful offender search:

  • Offender type
  • Covered offender status
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Street name
  • City
  • Radius
  • Zip code

Step 3 – Review Results

If a broad search was conducted, a list of offenders will appear on the screen. Some information is provided on this page but more detailed information can be displayed by clicking on an offender’s name.

Step 4 – Offender Information

Clicking on an offender’s name (either from the list or in map view) will allow the user to view the offender’s personal information, aliases, address(es), license(s), and offenses.

Step 5 – Offender by Location

To view the list of offenders on a map, click “Map View”. Each icon represents an offender and can be clicked on to view more information.