A Florida sex offender search can be conducted through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Sexual Offender and Predator registry. The sex offender registry is updated regularly as offenders are required to register twice a year, or in some cases (sexual predators) four (4) times a year, for the duration of their life. Citizens can find out which sexual offenders and predators are in their area or neighborhood, based on a name- or location-based search. The Florida Sex Offender and Predator division is available to promote safety and awareness in cities all over the State.

LawsTitle XLVII, § 943-0435 (Sex Offenders Required to Register)

Title XLVI, § 775-21 (The Florida Sexual Predators Act)

Step 1 – Access Florida Sex Offender Registry

Navigate to the FDLE Sexual Offenders and Predators webpage. Click on the red Offender Search button near the top left-hand side of the page.

Step 2 – Choose Search Option

Select one of the following search types:

  • Offender Search (Standard or Guided)
  • Neighborhood Search (Standard or Guided)
  • University Search
  • Internet Identifier Search

Note: Guided searches will yield the same results, but will provide additional instructions should the person conducting the search require assistance.

Step 3 – Offender Search

This type of search is performed by providing at least one (1) of the following pieces of information regarding the offender/predator in question:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • City
  • County
  • Zip code

A list of offenders will appear in the search results.

Step 4 – Neighborhood Search

A Neighborhood Search is conducted by entering an address and city. The radius can be anywhere from a 1/4 mile to 5 miles wide. The results will generate a list of offenders within the selected radius.

Step 5 – University Search

Individual’s seeking information regarding sexual offenders or predators attending, employed by, or volunteering at a particular university can perform a University Search. Select the name of the university and campus from the drop down menus to start the search. If any offenders are attending/working at the selected university, they will appear in the search results.

Step 6 – Internet Identifier Search

To perform a search based on an offender’s internet name or email address, type their information into the available field.

Step 7 – Results

Results of the above searches will yield a list of offenders, unless a specific offender was search in which case only their name will appear.

To learn more about a particular offender, click the View Flyer link and the offender’s personal information, aliases, address(es), and convicted crimes will be listed beside their picture.

Another way of viewing the results is by clicking on the Display Results In Map button. Offenders will be displayed as icons on the map which users can click on to view their information and exact address.