A Delaware sex offender search can be conducted using the Sex Offender Central Registry. This registry is maintained by the State Bureau of Identification (SBI), a division of the Delaware State Police. Level 1 sex offenders (low risk) are obligated to register every year. Level 2 sex offenders must register on a semi-annual basis while Level 3 sex offenders must register every ninety (90) days. An offender’s risk level will be displayed once a search has been made. Concerned citizens can sign up with the SBI to receive notifications of sex offenders who have recently relocated to their area or neighborhood.

LawsTitle 11, ยง 4120 (Registration of Sex Offenders)

Step 1 – Access Delaware Sex Offender Registry

Visit the SBI website to perform a sex offender search.

Step 2 – Choose Preferred Search Option

Under the “Navigation” field, select one of the following search options from the drop down menu:

  • Offender search
  • Neighborhood search
  • All homeless offenders
  • All wanted offenders

Step 3 – Offender Search

A basic offender search can be achieved by filling in as much information as possible into the provided fields. Often it will require two pieces of information to obtain results but searches can be performed simply be entering a city, zip code, or a last name.

A list of sex offenders will appear that match the information entered into the search fields. The person performing the search can click on a name and view the offender’s information, including risk level, known address(es), and convictions.



Step 4 – Neighborhood Search

Once the “Neighborhood Search” option has been selected, a map of Delaware will appear. Users can zoom in on the map to view the preferred search radius and click the Search button in the top right corner. The results will display as colored icons on the map.

Users can click on an icon to view the offender’s information.


Step 5 – All Homeless Offenders

Selecting the “All Homeless Offenders” search option will yield a list of all offenders currently labelled as “homeless”.


Step 6 – All Wanted Offenders

A list of all sex offenders currently wanted by the State Police can be viewed by selecting the “All Wanted Offenders” search option. The reason they are wanted may or may not be related to a sex offense.