A Delaware criminal background check can only be requested in person by way of fingerprint identification through the State Bureau of Identification (SBI). Delaware law states that criminal records shall not be deemed public. A job applicant’s criminal history is inaccessible to employers until they have extended an offer of employment. Once this offer has been extended, the employer can request a criminal history. However, the report will be limited to felony convictions within the past ten (10) years and misdemeanor convictions within the past five (5) years. This law does not apply to police agencies, the Department of Corrections, healthcare services, or services pertaining to the care/responsibility/custody of children or the elderly.

Cost – $52.50 (for each criminal history)

LawsTitle 11, ยง 8527 (State Bureau of Identification)

Step 1 – Background Check Authorization Form

The FCRA requires that all employers who hire a CRA to perform a full background check must have the applicant/employee submit a Background Check Authorization Form. Since the State of Delaware requires a subject’s fingerprints in order to conduct a criminal history check, a background check authorization form may not be necessary.

Step 2 – Obtain Fingerprints

The subject must visit a designated Delaware State Police Station and get two (2) sets of fingerprints taken.

Step 3 – Visit SBI

Fingerprints of the subject must be submitted to the State Bureau of Identification in person and the individual performing the criminal background check will be asked to provide photo identification and pay a fee of $52.

Step 4 – Results

All criminal background checks will take approximately 4-6 weeks and will be sent to the requester’s mailing address.