A Connecticut sex offender search can be performed using the State’s registry on the DESPP Division of State Police web portal. This registry includes a thorough list of all convicted offenders, but does not relay any information based on any offenders’ risk status – i.e. danger to others or likelihood of re-offense. The Connecticut sex offender registry is a resource available to the public and it comes equipped with the ability to alert individuals when a sex offender moves to a location near their home or neighborhood.

Lawsยง 54(250-261) (Registration of Sexual Offenders)

Step 1 – Access Registry

The online sex offender search can be found on the DESPP’s Division of State Police website. Click the link marked Search for Offenders in your area to proceed.

Step 2 – Select Search Type

A Connecticut sex offender can be found through one of the following search methods:

  • Location
  • Name
  • City
  • List of non-compliants
  • Internet names/email
  • Phone number

Step 3 – Location

An offender search can be conducted by selecting the “In your area” tab and entering an address, city, state, and zip code. This search will allow an individual to see all offenders within a certain radius of this location.

Step 4 – Name

Select Name to perform a sex offender search by a person’s first and/or last name.

Step 5 – City

Conduct a search simply by typing in the name of a Connecticut city through the City tab.

Step 6 – Non-compliant

To see a list of all offenders who have failed or refused to comply with the State’s sex offender registration process, select the “Non-compliant” tab. A list of these offenders appears once a user selects the Click Here link.

Step 7 – Internet Names/Email

Offenders who have their email addresses or online aliases available can be found through the Internet Names/Email search option. Enter their name or email address into the space available to conduct this type of search.

Step 8 – Phone Number

The last search option allows a user to find an offender by selecting the Phone Number tab and entering a phone number into the space provided.

Step 9 – Results

The results of an “In your area” or “City” search yield a map with each offender representing a numbered pin along with a list of all offenders within the radius of the chosen address or city.

The results of a “Name”, “Internet Names/Email”, or “Phone Number” search will yield the offender’s name or a list of names associated with the search.

Clicking on a name will open up a page with the offender’s physical description, address, offense(s) and other information related to their crime(s).