A Colorado sex offender search can be conducted through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The sex offender registry exists to provide awareness to the public concerning offenders that could pose a danger to civilians and could cause trouble for a community. The CBI sex offender registry contains information on sexually violent predators, multiple offenders, convicted felons, and those who have failed to register with their local law enforcement agencies. Not included in the registry are individuals convicted of misdemeanor sex offences and juveniles adjudicated for sex crimes.

Laws§ 16-22 (Colorado Sex Offender Registration Act)

Step 1 – Access CBI Web Portal

To gain access to the Colorado sex offender registry, navigate to the CBI Convicted Sex Offender Search Webpage.

Step 2 – Select Search Type

A sex offender search can be performed by selecting either Search (name-based) or Map Search (location-based).

Step 3 – Regular Search

If the “Search” link was selected, individuals can enter either the name, city, zip code, or county to search for a registered sex offender.

Step 4 – Regular Search Results

Entering a piece of information into the search engine will yield a list of sex offenders. Information on these offenders can now be investigated, including their personal information, physical address, and type of sexual offense they were convicted of.

Step 5 – Map Search

Those choosing to conduct a search based on a location on a map can enter a city, address, county, or zip code.

Step 6 – Map Search Results

A map search will show results on google maps, using different icons for different types of offenders. These icons can be clicked on and information on each offender will be displayed on the screen.