A California criminal background check may be performed by an individual seeking their own arrest records by submitting fingerprints through Form BCIA 8016RR and going to a LiveScan Location. Third (3rd) parties are not allowed to obtain this through the Department of Justice and must have individuals obtain the information themselves if they wish to see their full criminal history.

Cost – $25

Laws – § 6250 thru 6276.48 (California Public Records Act)

Step 1 – Fill-in Form BCIA 8016RR

Download Form BCIA 8016RR and complete. Make sure when filling-in to ☑ Record Review in the upper-right corner (not Foreign Adoption).

Out of State Residents – Will need to fill-in Form BCIA 8705.

Step 2 – Visit a Live Scan Location

Scroll to the bottom of This Webpage and select the County to find the Live Scan location. Upon your arrival, you will be able to input your fingerprints, pay the Department of Justice the $25 fee, and your record will be sent off for processing. The time-frame for processing given by the State is an “indeterminate amount of time“.

Step 3 – Wait for Results in the Mail

The technician assigned to your case will examine every arrest and its conclusion in accordance with Penal Code § 11105. Afterwards, depending on the office that is running the background report, the record will be sent E-Mail or standard mail.

At this time if an employer or any other agency is seeking the record to be turned over.