A California sex offender search may be conducted by using the State Website (www.meganslaw.ca.gov). Registered sex offenders within the State are required to update their living status annually (within 5 days of birthdate) along with transients that are required to do so every 30 days. This is required in an attempt to offer the public an updated status of any sex offenders that may be residing in or around an individual’s residence.

Laws – § 290 – 294 (Sex Offender Registration Act)

In accordance with § 290.46, any individual may use this site except for offenders that are registered with the State. Otherwise, to perform a lookup by address or individual’s name, the user must agree to the disclaimer in order to enter the website.

Step 1 – Go to www.meganslaw.ca.gov

Step 2 – Choose Search Type

You may be able to choose performing the lookup of your area or by a particular person’s name (first and last). If you are on a mobile device it can obtain your location and also give you a map of the offenders in your current surrounding area.

Step 3 – Search by Name

When performing a query by name, it should be as specific as possible in order to minimize the amount of results. In the above example we did a search of the name ‘John Smith’ which returned 22 results. Here you are available to view the individual’s name, violation SVP, and the address where they reside.

Step 4 – Search by Location

Use the 2nd box on the homepage titled ‘Map Search’ and input the address you would like to lookup followed by the radius (up to 10 miles). Afterwards, click the ‘Search’ button and accept the disclaimer. next you will be able to view all the offenders in your area marked by different colored ribbons.

You may click on any of the ribbons to view the individual and (if applicable) the crime they committed.