An Arizona sex offender search provides awareness to people within a community in regards to the location of sex offenders in their vicinity. TheĀ Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) provides an online search tool to discover sex offenders anywhere in Arizona. It is the responsibility of the Arizona DPS to maintain the sex offender database and verify their names, addresses and photographs on a yearly basis.

LawsĀ§ 13-(3821-3829)

Step 1 – Access DPS Offender Search

Navigate to the Arizona DPS sex offender search web portal.

Step 2 – Search by Area

Enter an address, city, state, and zip into the blank fields to generate an offender search based on the radius around this location.

Step 3 – Search by Name

A sex offender search can be conducted by entering the last name and first name of the offender.

Step 4 – Search by City

Simply enter the name of a city to procure a list of all sex offenders within that area.

Step 5 – Search Non-Compliant Offenders

A list of non-compliant offenders can be obtained by clicking the link labelled Click Here under the ‘Non-compliant’ tab.

Step 6 – Search by Internet Names/Email

Sex offenders can be located through their internet name or email address by entering this name/address into the field provided.