An Arkansas sex offender search can be conducted through the Arkansas Crime Information Center’s web portal. Citizens of Arkansas are able to access information on all sex offenders in their community, city, or State. The registry is kept up-to-date, as sex offenders are required to notify the ACIC of any change in address or other pertinent information. Concerned individuals can even request notifications from the ACIC to alert them when certain sex offenders move into the radius of a particular address submitted. Each offender is assigned a number – from 1 (low) to 4 (high) – based on the level of risk they pose to those around them.

Laws§ 12-12-(901-923) (Sex Offender Registration Act of 1997)

Step 1 – Arkansas Crime Information Center

Navigate to the ACIC Sex Offender Registry Search. Read the disclaimer before clicking I Agree at the bottom of the page.

Step 2 – Conduct Search

Users can search for a sex offender by entering their name or entering an address.

Step 3 – Search by Name

Type in the offender’s last name and first name into the fields provided and click Search Offenders. The offender’s information will be posted along with their picture and approximate location (Show On Map).

Step 4 – Search by Location

Type in a street name, city, zip code, and county. Click Search Area. A list of offenders will appear on the left with their corresponding dots on the map.

Step 5 – Set Up Notifications

To receive notifications from ACIC concerning the relocation of sex offenders to your neighborhood, click the Notifications tab. To receive notifications by email, provide a first name, last name, email address, physical address, and the notification radius.

To receive notifications by phone, click the Notify by Phone tab and provide a first name, last name, phone number(s), physically address, and notification radius.