An Alaska sex offender search can be conducted through the Alaska Department of Public Safety (DPS). Anyone can use the DPS sex offender registry by searching for an offender’s name, address, city, zip code, or registration status. An individual convicted of one (1) sex offense (non-aggravated) or one (1) kidnapping must register annually for 15 years following their release. Sex offenders convicted of two (2) or more sex offenses (including child kidnapping) or one (1) aggravated sex offense are required to register every year for life.

Laws – § 12.63 (Registration of Sex Offenders)

Step 1 – Visit the DPS Website

Go to

Step 2 – Select Search Type

Under ‘Quick Links’, select either Search the Database or Search by Map to start your search.

Step 3 – Search Database

Users can find a sex offender by entering their name, address, zip code, or city.

Step 4 – Search Map

Search for an offender by address/city, intersection/city, or location on the map.