Perform a free background check in all 50 States. In most States, individuals and companies have the right to access criminal history reports and sex offender history by providing the first and last name of individuals (although sometimes the person’s date of birth is required). All background checks require the consent of the individual being searched, or ‘releasee’, and upon the releasor being held harmless a criminal report may be created.

Types of Background Checks

Criminal Background Check – A report that shows if the individual committed any misdemeanors in the last 7 years. Felonies stay on a person’s record for their entire life.

Gun / Concealed Weapon Background Check – For the use of purchasing a gun or firearm or

FBI Background Check – Requires Form I-783 and 2 copies of Form FD-258 and the applicant to have their fingerprints taken at a LiveScan (faster) or Standard Location. Cost is $38.

Sex Offender Search – Search by name to view if an individual is a convicted sex offender in your State. In applicable States (like California) you may see the where sex offenders reside via map.

Tenant Background Check – For use by a landlord seeking a potential tenant’s criminal history, credit report, employment history (incl. verification) and lists any references by 3rd parties such as previous landlords or management companies.

By State